What movies are free on amazon prime

Watching movies has always been an exciting form of entertainment. And it’s also really easy to do, especially now when the internet experience is becoming better and better. Back in the old days, we used to go to the cinema or rent movies at the local store. And sometimes when the movies are all sold out, we must wait for days and maybe months to be able to rent it. But now, we could watch online movies from almost anywhere. All we need is a good internet connection and a sofa or bed to relax on. And since you’ve come all the way to our website, here are a few free movies that we would want you to take a look at. They’re all free on Amazon Prime, all you need is to register and you’re good to go.

Grey Owl

Gery owl

The movie was based on a true story of an English environmental activist who later gained some popularity as a Native American in Canada. The movie was directed by Richard Attenborough, he’s also the director of Gandhi (1982) and Charlie Chaplin (1992) which were both a big success. It’s another reason for us to raise our expectation for this movie. The movie takes place in the wild west of North America which was surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature. The main character has left his home in England and went to Canada where he renamed himself as Archie Grey Owl and lived a life of a Native Indian. He then gave up hunting and became an environmental activist.

Prom night (1980)

Prom night

Prom night was a Canada that is directed by Paul Lynch with the appearance of the famous stars from Hollywood, Leslie Nielsen and JamieLee Curtis. The story takes us back to the 80s high school where a group of the teenager was targeted by a killer. In revenge for the death of a little girl 6 years earlier that these teenagers were involved. The anniversary of her death coincidentally is the same day as the high school prom was held. And in that night, the girl’s sister who was crowned prom queen and her friends will be hunt down one by one.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

This is based on a true story of Desmond Doss who served in America Military during the WW II. The inspiring movie tells the story of an American soldier who refuse to carry guns or and type of weapon during the war due to his religious belief. He was mocked, hated, and scorned by his comrades. But he never doubted his God for any moment. That soldier would be the one who will save hundreds of lives of his comrades and some of the enemy. His only intention when going to the war is to save a little bit of goodness left in the world. And he had done it brilliantly.

The best 24 chicken egg incubator made in the USA

Whatever your purpose when buying an egg incubator, whether is to enjoy a little DIY project at home or you’re starting a poultry business, the first problem that you’ll get yourself into is choosing an incubator. And some of the key factors when it comes to this is what capacity and manufacturer is your incubator. According to poultry experts, egg incubator with the capacity of 24 and is made in the USA is definitely the best choice.

Egg incubator review

credit: zacsgarden.com

Here are the best rated chicken egg incubators on thehomejudge.com that we’ve chosen for you after carefully examining over 15 incubators. They’re A&I 24 Chicken Poultry Egg Digital Incubator and Magicfly Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator.

Why should you trust us?

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve tested and examined over 15 egg incubator and finally come with the best two. The two really stand out in their own category, the A&I’s 24 chicken incubator has a really great price while still offering all the basic features. And if you want some automatic control in your incubator, you’d love the product from Magicfly. We’ve been doing incubate tests on all 15 devices and these too have the best hatch rate, they’re 81% and 83%. All the tests are performed in the same condition with the same environment, same fertile eggs.

Who should get this?

For those who just started to incubate eggs, and just want to have fun while doing it – I suggest you guys use the A&I 24 Chicken Incubator. It’s small, compact, and easy to use so it’ll make a great product for beginners. With this, you’ll have a good incubator compare to its price.

For those who want to start a poultry business – The Magicfly’s incubator seem like a great choice for you. It’s has a good capacity and features that help poultry farmers do their jobs easier. The all-automatic control system will save you a lot of time. And you could do other things instead.

Product review

A&I 24 Chicken Poultry Egg Digital Incubator

A&I 24 Chicken Poultry Egg Digital Incubator

credit: Takatack.com

It has all the basic features of an incubator, plus the great price. And the size isn’t small for a beginner’s first incubator. You’ll have a 24 capacity incubator that could incubate eggs at many sizes up to goose. Although it’s made of plastic, the incubator doesn’t seem sloppy at all.And with the hatch rate over 80%, what more could you possibly expect?

Magicfly Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

Magicfly Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

credit: imagicfly.com

With just some extra money, you’ll get an automatic turner egg incubator with the capacity of 24 that could incubate all types of the egg up to goose. And it also has the ability to automatically control the heat and the inside environment. The transparent shell allows you to see what’s happening inside the incubator. And with the quality of a product that is made in the USA, there shouldn’t be any problems using the incubator. The sturdy material makes the incubator more compact durable.

Solar energy, advantages and practical applicability

Solar energy has a great effect on your life. Why you choose use solar energy for your home. Because it helps you, for everyone and in the community a lot of benefits. In this article, I will give you a deeper insight into the application of solar energy as well as its advantages.

Why choose solar energy

credit: http://news.mit.edu

The importance of finding clean energy sources

While traditional energy sources, such as coal and oil, are running out of stock, high prices, unstable supplies, and many alternative sources of energy are of interest to scientists, especially energy sources. Sun. Access to these new sources of energy not only contributes to the energy supply of the society but also helps to save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

Clean energy

credit: http://www.pirweb.org

Currently, three types of solar cells are used in the world: crystal solar panels, polycrystalline solar cells, and amorphous thin films. In particular, amorphous silicon (a-Si) batteries are of particular interest because of the operating time of the battery, which shows stability and high efficiency.

By other experiments, scientists also determined that a-Si batteries could work in cloudy conditions and even in high-temperature environments where other batteries could not work. This has clarified why in the results table on the battery a-Si gives more power than the two batteries.

Energy and energy security are always seen as fundamental for safe and stable development for all countries and territories. So, in the context of increasingly depleting traditional energy sources, the development of renewable energy, including solar power, is seen as a solution to the energy problem for all economies.

The economics of solar energy

If the power projects are usually the capacity will be very modest, large investment costs. Also, wind power is calculated, to do 1MW wind power requires 2ha of ground and only in some areas. Putting wind turbines on is also problematic regarding performance, resistance to storms.

Economic of solar energy

credit: http://www.greenafricadirectory.org


But with solar power, to make 1MW solar power is the only 1ha of space and can be done in all areas of the country, especially using roof panels, the grid connected solar cell with a capacity of 3-4kW ranges from $ 4,000 to $ 5,000. And if any house put the capacity will be very large

Practical application of solar energy

There are four types of solar technology currently available in the market. It’s a household-scale, solar-powered technology that’s used for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, military and service centers, for villages like public lights, sounds TVs and stations for battery charging.

Solar water heaters are a relatively developed and commercially viable technology that has been adopted both on a household scale and on an industrial scale. Households and businesses are more willing to invest in solar water heaters because they can save on electricity bills. So far, the technology of producing solar water heaters can easily mobilize capital from the private sector.

The use of solar energy for water heating is also highly recommended in the military. Many nations also exchange research and promote the use of solar energy in the military. Up to now, solar water heating systems have been installed in military schools and facilities, especially in units on islands.

Difficult to start applying this technology


credit: http://www.businessinsider.com

However, the use of solar water heaters in many countries is still low. In a country that is beginning to adopt the solar technology, only 60 collective systems and more than 5,000 household systems have been installed. About 90% of solar water heating systems are used in urban areas and 5% in rural areas. Approximately 99% of these systems are invested by households, and 1% belong to public facilities such as hospitals, kindergartens, hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants. Boiler systems with an area of ​​10 to 60 square meters of solar panels can provide 1 to 5m3 of hot water daily at a temperature of about 50 ° C to 70 ° C.  Solar household scale solar water heater systems with a panel area of ​​1-2m2 can provide about 100 to 300 liters of hot water at temperatures between 40 ° C and 70 ° C.

Use the solar energy is also saving 

  • Use solar energy to reduce your energy bill
  • Using solar energy is helping to protect the earth
  • Using solar energy is a form of investment

How to use an automatic cat feeder

The cases which most cat owners find so annoying is when they came home after a tough day of work and their cat starting to jump on their leg and scratching their pants. If you’re thinking that they want to cuddle then you’re wrong, it’s not going to happen. What their cats are telling them is “Hey human, I’m hungry. Hurry up and give me some food”. So what do we do in this case, there is no other choice but to go to the kitchen despite we’re so tired and sleepy. And if this is something that usually happens to you then I think it’s time to get yourself an automatic cat feeder. You could also find out about the best automatic cat feeder at our website. And here are some tips about how you should use an automatic cat feeder.

Number of cats

credit: www.catprotection.com.au

Number of cats

How many cats do you have? If the answer is one then you only need a small food dispenser and there shouldn’t be any problems with feeding your cat. But when you have more than two cats, you’ll have a lot more to take care of. Different cats have different tastes, feeding habit, and personal characters. It’s going to be tough taking care all of them. So my advice is to buy more than one cat feeder or buy a really big one and make sure it’s able to use wet food.

Cat sizes

credit: pinterest.com

Cat sizes

Another problems if you have more than two cats is that they need a different amount of food. If your cat is still small, you won’t be needing any food dispenser since it doesn’t eat much. But when the cat is getting bigger, it’s tough to provide enough food for it in one feed. Some may say that we could give it more food. But the problem is that it’ll be rotten over time, especially with wet food. So you should choose a multi-task feeder. The food dispenser can preserve cat food for days and it could feed your cat multiple time with multiple portions. That way, you won’t be worry even when going out for days.

Cat food

Cat foods

credit: catguru.com

Don’t overly use dry food to feed your cats, it’s not good for their digestive system and your cat don’t like that either. You should try changing the food sometimes. Your cat needs veggies and water but it doesn’t eat it very often. So you might want to add them in your cat food when you feed it. Remember to minced them before put inside.

Program your food dispenser

You should feed your cat about six times a day since they won’t eat a lot in one feed but often get hungry really fast. The food should be mixed with dry food, wet food, and veggies. And remember to provide enough water for your cat. You could add water to the automatic feeder, most food dispensers has this feature and it works just like with food.

How to watch free movies online without signing up

Watch movies

credit: tricksforums.org

A lot of people these days often watch movies and TV show on the internet and us sometimes things could get really annoying since the sites wanted us to registration before watching. So what do you do in these situations? My answer? It is to find another website for watch free movies online now. In the digital age that we’re in, there are a lot of options for you to choose from and it’s really easy to find them. You just need to read my list below in which are the best websites that are currently free to watch movies and TV show. Plus, there is no need to registration or what so ever.



credit: twitter.com

This is the most popular website for streaming movies online but since it’s free to watch, the content that you’re watching is illegal, so beware of any risks. Back to the main topic, in here you’ll have access to the largest movies library online. All the contents are freely distributed, they don’t have any server. All movies that you’re watching is stream by others. They have all kind of movies that you could probably find, Action, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Comedy, TV show, and much more. And since the site often got shutdown, I can’t give you any link but you could easily find it by google it.

Watch Movies Free

Here is another source for free movies that you could easily find on the internet. I often watch all kinds of movies in here, sometimes they ask for registration and sometimes they don’t. But mostly because that the content is 18+ and you need to confirm your age.

My Download Tube

credit: pro.keepvid.com

My Download Tube

This website allows you to watch free movies and download the content without any registration requirement. You’ll type the content that you want to search and the website will redirect you to the streaming source. The website also provides information about the movies like IMDB score, actors, directors,… Plus, you can download awesome games on the site.

Movie Watcher


credit: alternativeto.net

Like Putlocker, you could find a large library of thousands great title here. The site often changes it’s domain so you should google “Moviewatcher” for a better result. On the home page, there are new movies that were newly updated. They also organize the content by genre, actor, rating, and by year. You can find all the movies on HD definition and sometimes even UHD but not many have this feature.


It works just like My Download Tube and Putlocker. You find the content by type the movie you want to watch in the Find streams button. The results will be displayed below and all you have to do is choose the want you like. The site is very simple to use and they’re all free. You only need a stable internet connection and you’re ready to go.

An automatic feeder for your cat

automatic feeder for cats

credit: trueseconds.com

Cat is a wonderful pet to have. They are fluffy, furry and love to play hard to get with us. A problem arises when we have to work for so long that sometimes we forget to feed our feline companion. If you’re like me, this happened a lot and it took a while to make up with your furry friend. However, with an automatic feeder this problem will be a thing of the past. Let’s find out more about this machine and what do you need to look for when buying it.

Food consumption

The more food your “friend” eats every day, the bigger the machine should be. These creatures like their food fresh and leftovers is a no-go. In addition, take note of how much your cat eats each meal and choose a machine base on that. In my opinion, though, you’d better off with the machine dispersing adjustable food portion. It’s more economical and more suitable to the development of your cat.

Types of food

types of cat food

credit: petyak.com

If you feed your cat dried food, then you need a dried food disperse. Whereas if you feed her with solid food, buy a solid food dispenser. Getting one machine to do the other machine’s job will create a culinary chaos. Your cat will not like that and you will lose lots of time cleaning the machine and making another meal for your friend.

One more thing to consider is the size of the kibble. There are machines that disperse small kibble and machines that disperse large kibble. Find out what is advisable by your vet and choose the device accordingly.


Cats are smart creatures. Some even know how to pry open the food container and eat it all. Because of that, having a sturdy machine is an effective preventive measure. Invest some more money on a sturdier one or you will waste even more money in the future.


Sturdiness and timer

credit: catscornervideo.com

This is a necessary feature for cats with health problems, especially obesity. By dispersing a predetermined portion at a predetermined time, you are giving your cat a habit of eating healthily. This will disrupt its bad eating habit, giving it back its former health.

On a side note: buying your cat the best automatic cat feeder currently on the market is good. However, the one with all the requirements above will do just fine. If you want to know more about cat food visit simply nourish cat food

With that, my article comes to a close. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you find it useful and want more of the same, don’t hesitate to have a look at our website, the  is right here.


What are the best down pillow?

A good pillow is really important to have a good night sleep. You don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck or a headache. This will prevent you from having a comfortable day. With a good down pillow, you won’t have to worry about this ever again. The purpose of a pillow is to keep your head and neck aligned while sleeping. And down pillows are perfect for this job because they are soft, fluffy and always stay in shape. But finding the pillow for you isn’t simple. There so many to consider when choosing a down pillow and your sleeping position is the most important factor to look at. I’m here to help you choose the best down pillow for you.

Sleep position

There are 3 types of sleep position, side sleep, back sleep, and stomach sleep.

Side sleep

Side sleeper

Side sleeper

This is probably the most common sleep position. You will need a firm pillow to maintain your head, neck and shoulder positions. Since down pillows are often soft, you need to choose those will 600 or higher fill power. Down pillows with high fill power will not flatten when you sleep and they can stay in shape for a really long time. The most comfortable height for side sleepers is 10cm (about 4 inches) between your head and the mattress.

Back sleep

Back sleeper

Back sleeper

According to many scientists, this is the healthiest sleeping position when your body are in the most relaxing position. Your spine is in the right shape in this sleep position, this could prevent scoliosis curve and other back problems. Down pillows are perfect for this sleeping position because they are soft and fluffy. You need to choose those that can support your head but don’t affect the natural curve of your neck. A medium fill power pillow with extra fluffiness is what you should buy.

Stomach sleep

Stomach sleeper

Stomach sleeper

This position is claimed to have bad effects on your neck and shoulder. This sleeping position may feel comfortable at first but when you sleep for a long period of time, you could have a stiff neck or a headache. If you are used to this sleeping position, you need a down pillow with low fill power. Your head must not be too high. Otherwise, you will end up having a stiff neck the next day.

Other factors

Down type

  • Natural down: They are natural down that are often made from goose down. Soft, smooth, and fluffy, they are the perfect choice for a good sleep.
  • Synthetic down: These are made from synthetic material so they will not feel as good as the real ones. But for a reasonable price, they are quite a good choice.
  • Anti-allergic down: And if you are allergy to these materials that are mentioned above. You could choose an anti-allergic down pillow.

Pillow sizes

Pillow sizes

Pillow sizes

It depends on your bed sizes and how you want to sleep. Some people feel comfortable with a normal size pillow when others need a king size pillow even when they are sleeping alone. And you should consider choosing a pillow with size that matches with your bed size.