An automatic feeder for your cat

automatic feeder for cats


Cat is a wonderful pet to have. They are fluffy, furry and love to play hard to get with us. A problem arises when we have to work for so long that sometimes we forget to feed our feline companion. If you’re like me, this happened a lot and it took a while to make up with your furry friend. However, with an automatic feeder this problem will be a thing of the past. Let’s find out more about this machine and what do you need to look for when buying it.

Food consumption

The more food your “friend” eats every day, the bigger the machine should be. These creatures like their food fresh and leftovers is a no-go. In addition, take note of how much your cat eats each meal and choose a machine base on that. In my opinion, though, you’d better off with the machine dispersing adjustable food portion. It’s more economical and more suitable to the development of your cat.

Types of food

types of cat food


If you feed your cat dried food, then you need a dried food disperse. Whereas if you feed her with solid food, buy a solid food dispenser. Getting one machine to do the other machine’s job will create a culinary chaos. Your cat will not like that and you will lose lots of time cleaning the machine and making another meal for your friend.

One more thing to consider is the size of the kibble. There are machines that disperse small kibble and machines that disperse large kibble. Find out what is advisable by your vet and choose the device accordingly.


Cats are smart creatures. Some even know how to pry open the food container and eat it all. Because of that, having a sturdy machine is an effective preventive measure. Invest some more money on a sturdier one or you will waste even more money in the future.


Sturdiness and timer


This is a necessary feature for cats with health problems, especially obesity. By dispersing a predetermined portion at a predetermined time, you are giving your cat a habit of eating healthily. This will disrupt its bad eating habit, giving it back its former health.

On a side note: buying your cat the best automatic cat feeder currently on the market is good. However, the one with all the requirements above will do just fine. If you want to know more about cat food visit simply nourish cat food

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