Factors to consider when investing in a mattress under $500


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Sleeping, the essential activities that every human being must spend 1/3 time of their life doing. Researchers have shown that a good sleep could give us many benefits, it gives our body time to rest and recover from fatigue. It could even increase our memory. With all the benefits that have been listed above, there can be any reason for not taking a good sleep. And what can be better for your sleep than a great quality mattress? And not everybody could be able to afford an expensive mattress. So in this post, I’m going to give you the ultimate buying guide about how to choose the best mattress and what you should consider when investing in a mattress under $500.

How long you’re going to use it?

Normal mattress can last for about 8-10 years before it needs replacement while higher-end product could last more than 10 years and still maintain its proper shape. So consider this factor carefully so you could choose the most durable mattress without breaking your budget.

mattress durability

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Which types is suited for you?

Innerspring mattress

This mattress has a steel coil support system. The innerspring can be cover with padding or upholstery materials. The more coil support, the greater distribution, and thus, more sleeping quality.

Hybrid mattress

The hybrid mattress combines coil system with foams like polyurethane foam, visco-elastic foam, or latex and other gel foam.

Latex mattress

This simple mattress use latex as its support system or upholstery. Sometimes it could be both.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress use visco-elastic as its material. The foam will be able to embrace the shape of the sleeper due to the soft and bouncy material.

There are still a lot more types of mattress but I only mention those which are the most common and suitable for anyone.

What type of sleeper are you?

There’re 3 main sleep positions, they are side sleep, back sleep, and stomach sleep. I’ll explain each type of sleep and what type of mattress is fit for each kind of sleep position.

Side sleeper – The person usually lying with their left or right side of the body face down the bed. The kind of mattress that fit for this sleeper is a so

Sleep position

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ft and squishy one, like the latex mattress or memory foam. That way, your pelvis and shoulder won’t get hurt due to sleeping on a hard surface.

Back sleeper – This is the most normal position that most of us are used to sleeping in. In this position, you’re sleeping with your body up front and the back touch the mattress. If you often sleep in this position, you should choose a firm and comfort mattress like the innerspring.

Stomach sleeper – Stomach sleeper sleep with their belly face down the bed. This is often uncomfortable for most people but some really like to sleep in this position. If you’re one of them, please choose a soft mattress with good support.




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