How to choose the best 18650 battery for the money

18650 battery


Have you ever been in a situation that you wake up in the middle of the night and hear some noises but when you reach for your flashlight, the batteries has run out? Now many of you may say that you could use the flashlight on your phone instead. Well, the first thing you must understand is that the flashlight of cellphones or smartphones aren’t designed to shine a long distance. And they’re also used for another purpose so you can’t always be sure that your cellphones have enough battery for a flashlight. In contrary, the hand flashlight is designed to shine a large and long area, they also have a pretty long lighting hours. But their battery could be out sometimes so what should you do? Of course, you must find a better 18650 battery. In this post, we’re going to show you how to choose the best 18560 battery for the money that you’re willing to pay.

So what is 18650 mean?

What is 18650 battery


The first 2 digit “18” means that the battery’s diameter is 18mm. And 65mm is their length, the battery has a cylinder shape. This only applies to batteries that have unprotected cells, protected cell batteries are usually 2.5mm to 3mm longer and 0.5mm larger. They have lithium-ion core and are rechargeable so many people enjoy using them. This type of battery is often used on high-performance devices like laser or hand flashlight. The best manufacturers that you may find are Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Samsung, and LG.

Factor to consider when buying an 18650 battery

There is 3 factor that you should always consider when buying batteries, they are capacity, size, power, manufacturers, and price.

The larger capacity battery will last longer after being a charge but they often have shorter life cycles than their fewer capacity brothers. Batteries with a lower capacity will definitely have less time-on-use but

Important factors


they can be recharge faster and often have longer life cycles. When it comes to sizes, well, as I’ve said before this battery only have one size but they are often being mistaken with CR123A battery because of the same size. And the last is power, this factor is display as the “A” on the battery. The more power, the more powerful your device will be. For example, a 15A battery can’t make your flashlight bright as much as a 20A can. But too much power can damage any electric devices. So be sure to check the provided information from the manufacturer to avoid overpower your devices.

As I’ve mentioned before the best manufacturers to look for when you’re buying not only 18650 batteries but any kind of batteries are Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Samsung, and LG. These companies provide the best batteries with high-quality material and duration. Their prices are also very reasonable. It usually cost 5-7$ for a normal 18650 package and 12$ for higher quality batteries that you could use for years.


18650 batteries are the number one choice when it comes to batteries for a flashlight or other high-performance electronic devices. Hope you can find the best ones after reading our post.


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